Venice Unmasked - Andy Bitterer Photography

Venice Unmasked

16 June 2013

After having seen the beautiful Venice photographs by fellow photographers Athena Carey, Elia Locardi and Ken Kaminesky, I remembered my last trip to the lagoon city from a few years ago. I’ve been to Venice about a dozen times and because it’s one of my favorite cities I think I have pretty much shot it from every angle. But that last trip was a bit different, as I didn’t bother to snap another image of San Marco, the Campanile, or Rialto bridge, but concentrated on walls, facades, and small details that normal tourists would probably rarely notice. Or would you have stopped and taken this photograph of this passage?

I haven’t looked at those photographs for a few years and most of them weren’t even processed. So I thought I’ll go through the stack and pick a number of photographs that would make a decent selection of an unmasked series, which is supposed to include alternative viewpoints of a place. Those images are not really worthy of being framed and on display at Sotheby’s, but I guess they provide an additional perspective of Venice.

See the full gallery here.

Impressionen aus Venedig


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