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Andy Bitterer is an award-winning freelance photographer from Hamburg, Germany. As a frequent traveller around the world, Andy focuses mostly on travel and nature photography, but his interests also include event, portrait, architecture, and fine art photography. His work has appeared online and in print, from news websites and corporate intranets to book and music CD covers, magazines, and various marketing collateral.

Andy started in photography in the early 1970s, with a Voigtländer 35mm camera from his dad. His first SLR was a Minolta SR-T 303b, accompanied by a few Sigma and Vivitar lenses from 16mm fisheye to 600mm mirror tele. Andy switched to Canon in the early 90s, still in 35mm film land with a EOS A2E, but by the time the Canon EOS 10D came to market, all his analog gear went into a closet and was replaced by digital stuff. Being an IT pro, that last step was fairly easy. After all, with a master's degree in computer science, navigating a digital world is daily business.

The gear collection has slightly increased in size, especially in the studio, and when going on a road trip, the camera bag typically weighs more than the regular suitcase. How did we shoot when all we had was one body and one lens? :)


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