UK Seaside Photowalk - Andy Bitterer Photography

UK Seaside Photowalk

3 June 2013

After months of planning, discussing, contemplating, researching, and investigating potential locations for this fall’s UK Seaside Photowalk, we finally announced the location during the Google+ European Photographers Hangout last week:


While the final dates have yet to be set, it’ll probably be a Friday-Sunday weekend in October. If you’re interested in the photowalk (hey, it’s free!), jump over to the Google+ page and the corresponding Google+ community for further information.

Pulpit Rock of Light
There are quite a few different types of shot locations planned, from lighthouses and piers to caves and seastacks:
  • Mupe Bay
  • Lulworth Cove
  • Swanage Pier
  • Portland Bill Lighthouse
  • Kimmeridge Bay
  • Durdle Door
  • Old Harry Rocks
This is going to be good. This is going to be good.
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