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Container Art

I went to a photowalk through Hamburg's harbor yesterday. It was once again a great crowd, many familiar and some new faces. We started at the old Elbe tunnel and ended up at the harbor museum 5 hours later. Along the walk, we had the chance to walk through what seemed like a gigantic container parking lot. Hundreds, maybe thousands of containers of all sizes, colors and ownerships were stacked 10 high and dozens deep, like super-size LEGO blocks. Some were brand new, not a scratch, others were fairly beaten up, they must have been around the world a few times. 

Seeing many of those containers reminded me of artwork that I recently came across at our local LUMAS gallery downtown Hamburg. There, a few small and one large photograph (mounted as an acrylic dibond) of just those containers were showcased. And I remember thinking "Wow, that's easy. This is art?" 

So, when I walked through the container lot yesterday, I decided to take a few container portraits myself and re-create the art of the gentleman named Thomas Eigel, whose limited edition images are selling for hundreds of Euros a piece at LUMAS. I took a few photos of containers head-on and  then went to work.

And here it is: CNEU 452224. Took me less than an hour in Photoshop, mostly cleaning up the borders. No rocket science. 

If you would like to have a print, give me a call. 

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