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Taking Off

25. April 2014

Just a few days ago, I picked up a DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter from a guy here in the city. I always thought aerial shots add an interesting dimension to photography, because normally you don't see things from the air. Buying a large and expensive (duh!) helicopter that could carry my 5D Mark II (talk about risk here!) wasn't in the cards, so when DJI came out with the Vision copter, I knew my time as an aerial photographer has come. My plan is to shoot 360 panoramas from the air, as if you're sitting in the sky. But first a tiny bit of training... 

So I drove down to "Altes Land", the region on the South bank of the Elbe where they grow apples, cherries, and other fruits, to shoot some aerials of the orchards. Of course, I made sure to stay far away from the Airbus plant located a few miles up the river. Don't want to get in the way of the drone's larger siblings. So here is the first shot from my new chair in the air. Apple trees as far as you can see. 


Oh, SmugMug folks, if you're reading this, please support the HTML or JS output from PTGui so I can show 360 panoramas on the site. Or add your own 360 viewer component. Thanks.  

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